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Brittany is one of the thirteen administrative regions of Metropolitan France, ruled by a local council divided into two bodies: the Regional Council and the Regional Social, Economic and Environmental Council. Elected by universal suffrage, the Regional Council decides of regional policies whereas the Regional Social, Economic and Environmental Council gives its opinion on the main issues affecting Brittany.

Chaired by Loïg Chesnais-Girard, the Regional council legislates on matters of regional interest, devolved by the government, such as education, transport, economic development and employment, research and innovation, environment, planning, sports and culture. Through its actions, which affect Bretons' daily life, it grows Brittany’s attractiveness, promotes equal opportunity and commits to quality of life, gender equality, digital transformation and sustainable development in Brittany.

International cooperation

Historically opened to the world, Brittany is involved in several partnerships with regions from both UE and non-UE countries. These cooperation agreements focus on shared actions linked to the Council’s policies.

Partnerships in Europe

  • Wales (United Kingdom) since 2004: town twinning, culture and language, innovation and training, sailing, European projects;
  • The Voivodia of Wielkopolska (Poland) since 2005: training, culture, town twinning, agriculture, agri-food, European projects.

Partnerships around the world

  • Shandong province (China) since 1985: education, training, and higher education, culture (creation of Brittany’s Confuncius Institute in Rennes), sailing, economy, tourism, sport.
  • Grande Anse (Haiti) since 2011 : institutional support, agriculture, fishing
  • Centre County (Burkina Faso) since 2011 : agriculture

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